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Saga & Kanon yaoi game.

I haven't been drawing many Saint Seiya pics in a while because my obsession with Vampire Knight leaves me very little left of my fanarting time, but I drew stuff and made a flash fan-game to celebrate Gemini birthday/festival this year, and so here it is. ^^/
(It's so late, as the Gemini twins' birthday was last month, but well... with the lack of time I was never going to make it on time, sadly. ^^; And it's still within the zodiac time. so... XD;)

So please DO NOT CLICK THE LINK if you are underage. Or if you're 18+ but hate yaoi. ^^;
This pic is innocent enough, but the game itself has nudity with some quite obvious sexual implications. ^^;

This way for the game:

Peview image:

Gemini Birthday 2010 fan-game.
(Scroll down past the warning to play.)

Once you're on the game page, click the image in the game if you want to launch the ball and play. ^^/ You need to have flash enabled to play.

Reload the page if you want to try again, (or if it's game over, it works to just click again for a new game).

You can also click the options to change the color of the ball, the speed, etc. (Useful if you're not used to that type of games. The ball is a bit fast at first, sorry. ^^; )

The things that fall can give you special abilities for a bit if you catch them. Like a larger paddle bar, some momentary control to aim with the ball, and so on.
They can also screw you over. XD; (Beware of the one that shortens your bar momentarily...)

I hope you'll enjoy the game if you're a fan of the twins~! :D ♥

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They look sooo good!! love it!
Thanks for making and sharing it ^__^