Miracchin (unsugared) wrote in saintseiya,

Fics, oh fics...

After went missing for three months, I have returned, to present more fics. Three fics; two are from my AU, His New Duty, and one for 500themes. Please enjoy.

Chapter 10 and 11 for HND:

Title: Close Your Eyes, O Warrior
Characters: Shion, Shun, Aiacos, Minos
Summary: On his deathbed, Shion meets an older Shun, smiling his smile, announcing it is time for him to finally have his right. [Set years after 'His Duty as A Human']

Title: Just for You
Characters: Athena, Shun, the Judges
Summary: For the one far away, they wish and want only happiness for him. [Set roughly a year after 'His Duty as a Human'.]


For 500themes, prompt #16 - Dying Sun:

Title: As the Sun Sets Down
Characters: Shion, Gold Saints
Summary: Shion knew it was the right time for him to step down.

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