Magi (helike) wrote in saintseiya,

Question about fans

Hi there!

I've been wondering if there are any Polish fans here. I've already gathered a few on dA, in a newly created dA group, but I thought that maybe there would be some fans here as well. The truth is that I'm curious in general and miss discussing stuff in my native language :D Thus this post.

P.S. I do realise that the post is not quite about the series, but it's related to it, so I hope it is allowed ^^; Rules do not explain that.

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Best of luck on that, I'm a Taiwanese fan however it seems like everyone has moved on and only I'm stuck with this as always. I've keep eyes on the group here but there aren't too much activities, maybe a few fan fic stories. I guess it can't be helped as the publisher aren't as active in advertising to get people excited about it as it was back in late 80s.
Thanks :)
Seems that most people moved to newer series of Saint Seiya, like Next Dimension or The Lost Canvas, but I can't say that TLC community really active, too. Fans at deviantart are much more active with all that stuff they keep creating.