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saintseiya's Journal

'Saint Seiya' Fans
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In 1986, Masami Kurumada released a manga series called 'Saint Seiya', also known as 'Saints of the Zodiac'. It was never released in English speaking countries, because it was considered too violent, but in France it was known as 'Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque', in South America as 'Los Caballeros del Zodiaco', and in China as 'Nu Shen de Sheng Dou Shi'.

The series tells the story of brave young men fighting for justice. It draws a lot from Greek mythology, and also incorporates an exremely elaborate and complex metaphor for the Zen Buddhist structure of consciousness. The series carries a message of romantic idealism, universal love, and utopian world peace. The artwork is beautiful. An anime television series was created, which differs somewhat from the mangas, lacking some of the plot and depth, and containing a lot of filler.

If you're a fan of 'Saint Seiya', or if you're just curious about it, please join this community. Discuss the storyline and the characters. Share fanfiction and artwork. Exchange tips on how to find 'Saint Seiya' merchandise. Discuss the philosophical aspect of the metaphors. Etc etc etc. Join the community and have fun.