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SALE: Saint Seiya Omega Figures [02 Jul 2013|10:28am]


Saint Seiya Omega - Cell Phone Strap Complete Figure Set - $40

I have some individuals (extras) too of Seiya and Souma.

Please see my sales posts:

Prince of Tennis


Other / Misc Items (Naruto, Saint Seiya Omega, The Last of Us, KuroBasu, Fate Zero, Bakuman, Kingdom Hearts)

Shipping from within the US. (I attend Anime Expo, Comicon, Fanime, Ycon, and ALA, and can deliver items in person at those conventions.)
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A tiny, tiny fic [02 May 2013|01:20pm]

Title: Dry Root
Series: Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Characters: Sisyphos and mention of Athena (Sasha)
Warnings: Mention of blood
Summary: A two-sided love. Where does one end and one begin?

Find the story right here. Thank you for reading (if you do). Comments, flames, and suggestions are all welcome.
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[publicity] Saint Seiya in Spanish [01 Apr 2012|10:52am]

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Advertising in Spanish. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Visita SaintSeiya_esp
¡Lo nuevo de Saint Seiya se avecina! Una nueva era empieza en esta comunidad. Participa y no te quedes fuera de esta gran experiencia. Noticias, Fanfics y Fanarts, trailers, descargas, artículos. Todo está en saintseiya_esp

Y tú, ¿has sentido el poder del Cosmos?

saintseiya_esp saintseiya_esp saintseiya_esp saintseiya_esp
saintseiya_esp saintseiya_esp saintseiya_esp saintseiya_esp

Haznos publicidad:

huge sales post [20 Dec 2011|10:09pm]


(All over here!)
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DVD Sale! [19 Jul 2011|12:59am]

Tons of figurines, manga, DVDs, Posters, misc. that must go!

From Gundam Seed, Kuroshitsuji, ToraDora, Jigoku Shoujo, Higurashi, Persona, Hetalia, Saint Seiya, xxxHolic, Macross, Inuyasha with a giant Mikuru figurine!

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1st Saint Seiya Friends Meme [30 Jan 2011|03:35pm]

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Multifandom✰Meme [27 Jan 2011|08:56am]

M u l t i f a n d o m Meme♩ en Español ⤵
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[16 Jan 2011|02:17pm]

Hi all!

I'm selling a beautiful Saint Seiya clear file [[ here ]]
Only 2 days left to the end of auctions!

Please feel free to take a look~

Thank you!
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Stories and arts are now live! [24 Dec 2010|05:21pm]

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This years Saint Seiya Secret Santa Exchange stories and arts are live!

Enjoy :D

2010 – Saint Seiya Stories

2010 – Saint Seiya Arts

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Question about fans [02 Nov 2010|08:20pm]

Hi there!

I've been wondering if there are any Polish fans here. I've already gathered a few on dA, in a newly created dA group, but I thought that maybe there would be some fans here as well. The truth is that I'm curious in general and miss discussing stuff in my native language :D Thus this post.

P.S. I do realise that the post is not quite about the series, but it's related to it, so I hope it is allowed ^^; Rules do not explain that.

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Fics, oh fics... [10 Oct 2010|10:21pm]

After went missing for three months, I have returned, to present more fics. Three fics; two are from my AU, His New Duty, and one for 500themes. Please enjoy.

Chapter 10 and 11 for HND:

Title: Close Your Eyes, O Warrior
Characters: Shion, Shun, Aiacos, Minos
Summary: On his deathbed, Shion meets an older Shun, smiling his smile, announcing it is time for him to finally have his right. [Set years after 'His Duty as A Human']

Title: Just for You
Characters: Athena, Shun, the Judges
Summary: For the one far away, they wish and want only happiness for him. [Set roughly a year after 'His Duty as a Human'.]


For 500themes, prompt #16 - Dying Sun:

Title: As the Sun Sets Down
Characters: Shion, Gold Saints
Summary: Shion knew it was the right time for him to step down.

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First. [24 Jul 2010|12:13am]

[ 03 ] Ace Attorney
[ 15 ] Deadman Wonderland
[ 09 ] DOGS
[ 16 ] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e | Hana-kimi
[ 14 ] Hello Baby
[ 04 ] Monster
[ 18 ] One Piece

[ 20 ] Saint Seiya
[ 99 ] TOTAL

More HERE @ banana_world  

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[25 Jun 2010|10:10pm]

Coming with some goodies :) 16 icons from the original series + 4 icons form the Lost Canvas.


More here @ willow_creation

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Fics... Too many fics. [22 Jun 2010|11:46am]

Just to show you that I have no life, here are more fics from me. Two are from the AU I'm writing, His New Duty, and two are prompts from 500themes.

Hope you enjoy them.

8th and 9th Installment of HND:

Title: For Me, You Are...
Characters: Hyoga, Shun, Seiya
Summary:Hyoga thinks of his last private conversation with Shun, and regrets that he was not strong enough and keeps running away. [Set after 'Taking What is Ours'.]

Title: The Mundane Life of an Underworld Lord
Characters: Shun, Rhadamanthys, brief appearance of Aiacos and Minos.
Summary: Shun sometimes wonders if this is a good idea, after all. [Set before 'Taking What is Ours'.]


For 500themes:

Title: Bid Goodbye to the World
Characters: Athena, Hades, Shun
Prompt: 37. Wake up, the day is dying
Summary: She wonders when all things had gone wrong. She was supposed to win, not laying on the ground waiting for her death.

Title: Drowning in One's Humanity
Characters: Shun, Hades, Athena
Prompt: 175. It wasn't his/her/my/your fault...
Summary: Is it mine, or is it hers? Or maybe both of us? But this is not the time for this. For this is the end, and no one is at fault.

Thank you for reading.
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Saga & Kanon yaoi game. [18 Jun 2010|08:06pm]

I haven't been drawing many Saint Seiya pics in a while because my obsession with Vampire Knight leaves me very little left of my fanarting time, but I drew stuff and made a flash fan-game to celebrate Gemini birthday/festival this year, and so here it is. ^^/
(It's so late, as the Gemini twins' birthday was last month, but well... with the lack of time I was never going to make it on time, sadly. ^^; And it's still within the zodiac time. so... XD;)

So please DO NOT CLICK THE LINK if you are underage. Or if you're 18+ but hate yaoi. ^^;
This pic is innocent enough, but the game itself has nudity with some quite obvious sexual implications. ^^;

This way for the game:

Peview image:

Gemini Birthday 2010 fan-game.
(Scroll down past the warning to play.)

Once you're on the game page, click the image in the game if you want to launch the ball and play. ^^/ You need to have flash enabled to play.

Reload the page if you want to try again, (or if it's game over, it works to just click again for a new game).

You can also click the options to change the color of the ball, the speed, etc. (Useful if you're not used to that type of games. The ball is a bit fast at first, sorry. ^^; )

The things that fall can give you special abilities for a bit if you catch them. Like a larger paddle bar, some momentary control to aim with the ball, and so on.
They can also screw you over. XD; (Beware of the one that shortens your bar momentarily...)

I hope you'll enjoy the game if you're a fan of the twins~! :D ♥

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[Fics] We'll Be by Your Side; From Now and Forever & The Time of Our Life [16 May 2010|10:34pm]

The sixth and seventh installments of 'His New Duty' universe.

We'll Be by Your Side; From Now and Forever
Summary: As he watches, Aiacos realises that Shun has has his loyalty long before they meet as a Lord and his subordinate. [Set after 'His Duty as A Human']
Character(s): Shun, Aiacos, Rhadamanthys and Minos

Title: The Time of Our Life
Summary: After a long while, they talked about their robbed childhood for the first and last time. [Set before 'His Duty as A Human']
Character(s): Shun, Seiya, Aiolos

Previous installments are under the tag au: his new duty.

Thank you for reading, and opinions are well-appreciated.
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icons [22 Apr 2010|12:31am]


8 5 I C O N S
 24 fullmetal alchemist
 22 saint seiya
 15 prince of tennis
 10 x1999


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[10 Apr 2010|10:27pm]

...And I have more icons :D

Saint Seiya x32

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here @ stomatopod
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[Fic] AU: His New Duty, From The Sidelines [05 Apr 2010|11:57pm]

Newest update for my AU fic, His New Duty.

Title: From The Sidelines
Summary: He can only watch as it happens: the surprise, the betrayal, the determination and the pain unfold before them [Set before 'The Night We Moved' and 'His Duty as a Human'.]
Character(s): Shun, Athena, Ikki, others

Previous installments are under the tag au: his new duty.

Thank you for reading, and opinions are well-appreciated.
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Two Fics from Me [15 Mar 2010|08:09am]

These two fics are installments for a new AU I'm creating, 'His New Duty'. The AU started from 'His Duty As Human'.

Title: The Night We Moved On
Summary: Shiryu confronts Shun about his decision, and that sets him to think about their life knowing each other. [Set before ‘His Duty as A Human’.]
Characters: Shiryu, Shun

Title: Time to Fall Apart and Start Anew
Summary: Shun's journey in finding the right path for him; his emotions, confusion, and need to have a solid ground to stand on. [Set before 'The Night We Moved On'.]
Characters: Shun, everyone.

Previous installments are under the tag au: his new duty.

Thank you for reading, and opinions are well-appreciated.
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