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Fics... Too many fics.

Just to show you that I have no life, here are more fics from me. Two are from the AU I'm writing, His New Duty, and two are prompts from 500themes.

Hope you enjoy them.

8th and 9th Installment of HND:

Title: For Me, You Are...
Characters: Hyoga, Shun, Seiya
Summary:Hyoga thinks of his last private conversation with Shun, and regrets that he was not strong enough and keeps running away. [Set after 'Taking What is Ours'.]

Title: The Mundane Life of an Underworld Lord
Characters: Shun, Rhadamanthys, brief appearance of Aiacos and Minos.
Summary: Shun sometimes wonders if this is a good idea, after all. [Set before 'Taking What is Ours'.]


For 500themes:

Title: Bid Goodbye to the World
Characters: Athena, Hades, Shun
Prompt: 37. Wake up, the day is dying
Summary: She wonders when all things had gone wrong. She was supposed to win, not laying on the ground waiting for her death.

Title: Drowning in One's Humanity
Characters: Shun, Hades, Athena
Prompt: 175. It wasn't his/her/my/your fault...
Summary: Is it mine, or is it hers? Or maybe both of us? But this is not the time for this. For this is the end, and no one is at fault.

Thank you for reading.
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